If you have followed this website at all, you may have thought I disappeared. I kind if feel like I did abandon this Webguy Marketing website since my last post was nearly a year ago. I decided it was time to fix a couple of things here since this site does still represent Bo the Webguy. I deleted a couple of things on this site and changed the theme to be more responsive and mobile friendly. To some it may look plain, but that is how things are going these days.

Changes in Websites

I remember the days when websites were very plain and a lot of them were very ugly. Some of those websites haven’t changed since they were launched in over 15 years. Website designers wanted the latest gadgets, flash, java, pretty pictures, video, interactive forms and other things were added to websites to make them more attractive. These days, things seem to be going in reverse due to the rush to be mobile friendly, less distracting and efficient. There are still a lot of tools out there to make the responsive, mobile version effective in delivering the message and most importantly convert the visitor.

Company Changes

This past year I started working with Grand Strand Marketing Group offering consulting and services to small businesses. I have spent less time here promoting websites, affiliate products and training. I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate and still earn from promoting that service. It is still the best program on the web for new and seasoned DIY Affiliate Website Business Owners. I have been approached by so many products, services, business ideas and projects. I have tested and tried a few of them along the way. I recognized many as scams and schemes. Yes, I have spent time and money on a lot of tools and services, some I am still using. I have cancelled or discontinued a lot of services that many of you reading this probably never even heard of, much less used.


Beach Music Project Updates

I am still involved with the Beach Music Industry. It is a passion that almost generates the money required to support it. I am most thankful to Keith Houston for helping me keep this part of my business going. The Buy Beach Music CD Store is still going strong with sales nearly every day of the year. My BeachMusicOnline.com website is still probably the most visited beach music website on the World Wide Web. I relaunched a few sites this past year including BeachMusicParty.com, which has generated ticket revenue for many beach music events this past year.

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with Bo the Webguy. If I can help you with your business, please leave your contact information using the form on this website.