Business Websites

Do you have a website for your business? Are you looking for a jump start in marketing your business or website? Take a look at the sites and domains below. They are not meant to be viewed as finished sites. These are beginner websites that I have started as a way of showcasing some great domain names that I have picked up for various projects. Maybe one of these sites will help with your marketing campaign. Some of these are available for purchase, lease or advertising. If you would like to help build them out, let me know! I need some help with content on these great domain names.

Industry Experience

I have worked in several industries over the last 15 years including the homebuilding and real estate industry. Some of these domains were picked up for projects of past clients. If you have followed anything I have done over the last 9-10 years, you know I have been involved in music and event promotion. Of course, I have a lot of domains connected to the music industry…specifically Carolina Beach Music. I have built a lot of sites over the years to promote the beach music bands, artists, clubs and events. The best promoters in the business have come to the Webguy to help with Internet marketing.

Marketing Base

The website is the most important part of your online marketing efforts. Of course you can build a big facebook presence. You can get a lot of twitter followers and Youtube viewers. All of this social interaction is great, but its most effective when you can bring the to your company or product website that is under your control. Establish a good base of traffic and loyal customers and/or viewers to your website so that you don’t have to continue to spend a lot of time and money on sites and services that you don’t control.

Be Careful about FREE Hosting and Services

How much money has been wasted on Myspace marketing and promotion over the years? The changes there have caused a lot of work and effort to go wasted. Don’t get stuck using a service like myspace or facebook for your main website. I also caution you about using Blogger and Both of those services allow you create a nice presentation of your company. But you are not in full control of those sites and they can disappear or become too costly. They both are currently free, but what happens when they choose to change that model? Do you know anyone that was using the free Microsoft business website that lost it last year?

Website Starter Websites and Domains

If one of my starter websites or domains work for you, please let me know. These sites are set-up and ready for new content. I can customize them or completely transfer them to you and let you start working on them. If you would like to advertise on them or simply start blogging, contact me on the forms located on each website.