Do you play in a band? Are you a DJ? Are you a music or event promoter?
If the answer is yes, the next question..”Is your Internet Marketing Efforts effective?”
If your already a beach music client of mine, then I know some of what you are doing..(or having done on your behalf) is working, because I see the results in web exposure, CD sales, and event ticket sales. If you are not working with me already, then you are missing out on some successes. So many have been told, the Internet is FREE, get online, build a free website, jump on facebook and start posting, liking and commenting. YAY! Well, that works to an extent, but does it get you where you want to go?
I have recently connected with some folks at Wealthy Affiliate and have learned some things that even I did not know. I also received some high quality feedback on a couple of projects I was doing that have already paid off! I encourage you to take a look.
It costs nothing to look around and see if its for you! If you have questions, you can ask me there or come back to this website. Its a big active community of people that are there to do one thing… expand their Internet Marketing efforts to increase their business, which helps make more money.
They have an extensive amount of webinars, training courses, and a support community of people that will help you become more successful with your efforts. Learn more about social media, website building, and website marketing. If you have heard the term affiliate marketing and want to learn how to generate an income by promoting other’s products, then this is the place to start to learn how to do it more effectively. I’m sure you have seen amazon banners and links on pages of mine as well as other sites. Learn how to generate money from advertising on your own business website along with increasing exposure for your main objective.
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