I was previewing a Google+ Community for Work at Home opportunities and saw tons of promotions for Wake Up Now, in case you have not had the privilege of being recruited to this thing yet.. It is one of the newest pyramid MLM companies to hit the scene in a noticeable way. I think it has been around for a few years… Believe it or not, I have yet to be approached directly to join this company/system/method/program or whatever you want to call it.. I have friends and colleagues posting blogs like crazy hoping to stop the uninformed of this concept that you will find to be “Not So Great”.

Wake Up Now Review

I was thinking about doing a full blown review, but decided it would probably be like many others you have seen that don’t like this product. Of course I have a better option for people trying to build a real business online. Here is a link to my recommended business plan and product review.


Wake Up Now Income Disclosure

Every legitimate MLM business has to produce an income disclosure statement to operate in the US.. if you look for the one created for Wake Up Now posted for stats in December 2013, you will find that 81% of the people that join are making zero. YES!!! That is $0 per month, which equates to $0 per year. You can jump in to Wake Up Now for $25/mo, $65/mo or $99/mo. You have to get in at $99 to be eligible for all “The Benefits”. Once you commit to the $99/mo, you need to find 3 more to do it.. then get 3 for each of those 3 so that you can make $600 per month… according to their Pitch.
Looking at their Income Disclosure statement, I see that about 14% of these people have hit a level that pays them $99/mo.. which is their costs right, so they aren’t really making anything yet. So really the find 3 to pay $99 a month and you are free promotion is used to say you are making $1200/year. I think I have seen this concept before…. If you get those 3 to find 3.. making your total of 12, you make even more.. $600/month. It appears about 4% of their people are doing this level.
Run the Numbers and you will see that only about 1% of the people make more than $1200 per year. Exciting HUH? Makes you want to hurry and find a person to let you in doesn’t it? It is not me! I do not have a Wake Up Now Invite for you!

Wake Up Now is not something I want to Wake Up To…

I think I will pass on this one. Believe me, I have tried my share of stuff similar to this. I find almost all of them to be schemes and scams that eventually will fall and hurt a lot of people along the way. I do believe in Network Marketing and have had good experiences with some of them. However, most are bad and many of them will end up closed down or shut down. I was one of the people that projected the downfall of Rippln. This one may last a little longer than Rippln, but I say it will not grow into something as big as some of the others out there. I guess we will see what happens with “Wake Up Now”.
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