Its come up again…. A client asked me “Can you get me a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking ?”
The answer is YES. Of course, I can get you in the top ten of search results… I can put you there almost overnight for a lot of different keyword phrases. The trick is being NUMBER 1 or being in the top 2 or 3 for searched keyword phrases that drive quality traffic to your website. I have had a client show up NUMBER 1 in as little as 5 minutes. Everything was in place, but you know it is fun to see results like that!
If you are coming up for a phrase that only you or your competition searches, what value are you getting? Bragging Rights? Yay for you!

I did a training session once to illustrate how this can be done. Here is an example of a search on Google for Wyoming Beach Music. It came from a time when I noticed that a particular site was getting traffic from 49 states, but you guessed it…. Wyoming was not in the tracking report as a city that showed up in the GEO location results.
As you can see, it is listed number one. How Awesome! #1 out of 2.1 Million on a blog post I wrote in Jan of 2012. Nobody searched that phrase before I posted it. Still almost 2 years later, there still is no one searching that phrase, but the people that are reading this blog post or the clients I tell to do the search. It’s not a profitable ranking for the website, but it is a fun illustration.

See Ranking for Useless Phrases

I followed up a year and half later with another blog post about South Dakota Beach Music.
Again, NUMBER ONE Result. but this time, #1 of 12.8 Million Results. Am I that good? I can do a decent job of helping you get found when I have the full control of the website. Sometimes, I am asked to work on something that someone else has started or built. I don’t know all the history of what they have done. I have found at times, changes that normally should work can affect the rankings.
I don’t claim to be one of those guys for a reason – I try to provide good content that people are looking for and want to see. I do my best to help my clients do the same by making sure their website uses good practices. I have been in this Internet Marketing and Website business for a long time. I have seen a lot of traffic from the search engines and know what it takes to structure a website to be found on those sites.
Would you like to learn? Get a FREE Account and start learning how to build a website that provides that content people are searching. A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking is awesome when you are found by people looking for you! If this is not something that you want to learn.. then Hire Bo the Webguy to make your website work for you!