Instead of Top 10 Search Engines, this article should be “Google and the other attempts at being a top website for search”. I have read a lot of articles that claim BING and YAHOO are taking search share away from the Big Guy!. That could be the case, but I think they still have a ways to go to really gain ground. I still use Google for just about everything and think most people are just like me. Marketers concerned with website traffic from the search engines spend the majority of their time looking to see what Google thinks much more than any of the others. I look at lot of website traffic reports and I can tell you the amount of traffic from the the sites not number 1 are not worth focusing your attention.


Which Search Engine do you Use?

Our 17 year old Jack Russell named Rowdy, does most of his searching using his nose. Unless I am mistaken, a search by sniff engine has not been released to the public for anything other than beta use. I bet you use Google for most of your searches. If you are trying to increase your website traffic, then you are probably obsessed with what happens on the most used search engine in the world. I think it is still tops in terms of use and will be for a long time.

Other Opinions

If you see a list of search engines that do not list Google as Number 1, then you need to read closely what their criteria is..I actually saw one list that had Google Number 10. How that list could say the DuckDuckGo is a better search engine is beyond me. I have used the site and like the results I see, but my main issue is that my sites that get good traffic on other search engines are not found. I will probably not recommend using that site to my friends and followers as long as I am unable to see what I think should be there.
A list of other search engines that appear in some of the top ten search engine lists I have seen include: (not in any exact order, cause I really can’t decide what is best after my top choice)

  • BING
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • DuckDuckGo
  • MyWebSearch
  • AOL
  • Dogpile
  • Webcrawler
  • Wow
  • Info
  • InfoSpace

Use Caution with Search Engines

Things are always changing quite a bit on the search engines.You will see a lot of emails after your marketing money trying to convince you the old school tactics are still the way to go. Content is KING! I know you have heard that before, but it really is becoming the best way to generate a top ten search engine ranking. Add Quality Content to a properly structured website and don’t worry about all the tricks you hear about from the self-proclaimed gurus and experts.

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