I have been involved in Internet Marketing since the late 90’s. I have sold advertising, sold and built websites, sold and offered consulting services. I have set up online stores to sell products, event tickets, and merchandise. I have built pages that generated commissions on product sales through affiliate links. I have tried a lot of different ways to create revenue on the world wide web. Some of those efforts may have been a complete waste of time. I say that, but understand that failures are sometimes great lessons for future success.

In nearly every project I have seen create revenue, some form of network was in place. Okay..I know what you are thinking…here comes the MLM pitch. The webguy wants me to sign up and sell a bunch of stuff to my friends, family and people off the street. I am not pushing a MLM. Facebook is probably the biggest network of people on the planet. A big network of friends or colleagues can really help. If you know a lot of people that want a specific product or want to see a special show, you can often times sell a lot of that product or service simply informing your network that its available.
For example – a new cd has come out. If I tell several hundred people that have bought a cd from me in the past that its available, I know that I will sell that CD to some of those people. Event Tickets same thing.. I have access to thousands that have bought tickets using my websites. When a new event comes up, I go to that group first! I have some people that have been buying tickets through me for events for the last 10 years.
Of course facebook has changed the way a lot of people interact on the web. Its a great tool and some are soley successful only using only that platform to grow and expand their business. There are a lot of other networks that can help your business succeed as well.
So back to the question.. “Do you want to start an online business?”
I urge you to do some research. I was in the process of writing some tutorials when I ran across this website similar to facebook, but different in that it is focused on supporting people that want to build an online business. The Wealthy Affiliate Check it out, sign up and do the tutorial. It has a basic level that is free and offers some great tools and advice that doesn’t cost you anything but a little time.
Of course if you aare really serious and have some money to jumpstart your program – contact me for a consultation and lets see if I can help you with your goals.
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