There are a lot of websites, experts, and gurus on the Net that claim they have the secret to making money. They give you a sales pitch in writing, some use videos, fancy graphics, fake testimonials and more to convince you to drop some money on their latest scheme. They tell you if you just buy their program, they will teach you how to get rich. I admit it… I have tried several of these services and secretly hoped that I found the one that was real this time and that I would make a lot of money.


Sell Something – Make a Deal!

No money is made until someone sells something to someone else. I have thought about this many times and tried to come up with a way that I could make money without someone selling something. I can’t think of any legal way to make this happen. If you have no ethics or morals… You could print it or steal it… I guess. This is not my path and hope it it is not your path to financial success. Make Deals Happen – Sell something and make some money.

Jobs and Time – IT IS SELLING

Think about your first job. My first job was cutting grass. With a friend, we had to sell our neighbors on our ability to cut their grass for money. We sold our service. We sold our time. My first paycheck job was another labor intensive job. I gave my time for a paycheck. It was not a highly skilled job, but it was a needed service. I was a assistant to a service repairman. My time doing simple jobs helped him do his job faster, which helped the company we worked for make more money.

Second Jobs and Side Businesses

Some are fortunate. Some people get a good job and make lots of money and seem content. I personally do not know anyone that would not like MORE MONEY. More money typically requires some giving up of something. If you don’t have any more time to sell to a company like in normal jobs, you can sell your stuff. You see this all the time in the way of garage sales, ebay or maybe pawn shops. If you have stuff that you no longer need that someone else may want, this may be the best way to quick cash. If selling your valuables does not meet your needs, you may need to look in to starting a new business. With the Internet, so many ways to make additional money.

Sell their Stuff

NO, don’t go out and take someone’s other stuff and sell it without their permission. This is THEFT and it is Illegal. Guess what! There are a lot of people, businesses and merchants that will let you sell their stuff. You can do it in many ways. Probably the easiest way is to build a website promoting their stuff (it could be tangible products or services). If you build a website the right way, you and the other party can both benefit and you can get paid…. When you use a website to sell someone else’s stuff, you are usually considered an Affiliate of that person or company. You may also see the term referral partner.

I make money with Affiliate Marketing

I am an affiliate of many different products and services. I have been doing this web thing for nearly 16 years now and have tried a lot of different ways to make money with the World Wide Web. I have sold advertising, websites, CDs, tickets, discount memberships, group buys, loyalty programs, and apparel for others and got paid to do it. AI think anyone can do this.. if you would like to know more… click and learn more about Affiliate marketing.
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