Will people pay to play Photo Guessaroo? This photo guessing game is the so-called first app to be released to the world by the Rippln. It was actually released by a company called Surya Rising II, Inc. and was part of the 90 day app challenge. The original developer, Jason Rehard, did not have his name attached to the game upon release.


Update for September 16th: It was originally released on Apple Itunes in Australia – seems to be by Surya Rising II and not Rippln. This is a company that I think is made up of several of the guys at the top.
Australian link to the app
US link to the app – I am not in rippln, so I don’t mind if you go straight to the game and download it.

Supposedly they were waiting on Apple to approve the app. There are a lot of similar games already on the market. With the numbers shown, there is definitely an interest in these types of games. I wonder how many actually pay to play these games. I personally have never paid to upgrade any app that I have installed. I think there are enough totally free games out there to waste my time without paying to waste more time on them, but that may just be me. The app market continues to grow, so I guess this app has the ability to reach a lot of people. Its proven that people will pay…just look at Candy Crush. Will people pay for this one and will they really be able to track everything through your influence?

Numbers and Stats Tell the Truth

If the app is available to apple iphones and android devices, they will have to get them on itunes and the google play site. Both of these sites have statistics to show downloads and ratings. It will be interesting to see if the downloads happen as fast you would expect with 1.2 million people in the ripple. I really don’t think that number is real, the number on the home page is not enough proof to me. It is certainly inflated. A lot of people that cannot afford the $95 Activation and $30/month are probably in the multilevel network marketing company. More than likely, there are a lot of fake accounts. If you read the messages on facebook and youtube, you will see a lot of people around the world that will not be able to even pay the $1.99 for extra coins in the game. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. It is entertaining to me watching the hype. 1.2 Million (as of 8-15-2013 ) ripplers and less than 83k facebook likes. I thought they had more than 83k, but you do know fake accounts get dropped by facebook. My guess is that rippln will not be dropping their number for fakes. I don’t think they even have the technology to figure out what is real and what is not real. There is almost no discussion on Google+ about Rippln. With all those ripplners, you would think the social stats would be a lot higher than they are. This was generated last week. so they may have grown… or decreased since August 9th.
What do you think about this app? Do you think it will make the majority of the members any money at all? I think the guys at the top are generating some money with the anual membership fees and monthly player fees. I think a lot of people are going to get hurt with this. Of course, I could be wrong.

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