I was looking for information about search engines, usage statistics, and market share. I saw a list of new search engines and old search engines that no longer exist. Most of the ones that are gone were either acquired by one of the bigger guys or just simply gave up and went offline.
How many of the websites that claim to be a Search site are there?
I realize that some may have problems with Google. Some people think that Yahoo gives better results. Some think that Bing gives better results. Bing actually powers the search functionality of Yahoo so you are pretty much getting the same thing as far as the organic results you see. The pay per click ads are usually the same too. People have a preference and will use what they like. I tend to use Google most of the time.

New Search Engines

Why do I use Google?

67percentLet’s face it, most of the world uses Google when they search the web. It powers so many devices and websites that it tends to influence the majority of searchers. The interface is simple and fast. I have been involved with Internet Marketing for over 17 years. Making a website able to be found in search..specifically on Google is key to the success of my company, my promotions and my clients. There has been a lot of things happen in regards to the algorithm that is used by the top search engines. Trying to figure what works and what doesn’t can make you crazy and just when you think you figure it out, the formula changes and away you go… or down you go in rankings. My advice is “Don’t think too much on how you look and think instead about content.”

Provide Good Content

Write stuff that someone enjoys reading. As the interaction and readership grows, so will your position in the search engines. Of course, content is not the only that thing factors in the formula, but from what I can tell.. Content is KING! Learn to write as if you were talking to someone and telling them how you see it and you will find that your website will start to rank better in the list and move up in pages.

Is your Website Search-Friendly?

If you build your website using WordPress and follow a few simple guidelines, you will have a good base for your business website. WordPress is inherently search engine friendly. So unless you really get in there and screw with the code under the editor, you will be good to go with a solid website structure. If you want to learn more about building websites in WordPress, then look at this 10 Step guide to building a business with a website. It covers the basics to WordPress websites as well as tips on how to make money with a website. YES!!! You will be asked for your name and email address. The information given in the guide is worth it! Trust me your information is safe and you can opt-out of any future emails once you sign up.
There are a lot of scams. Many of the involve the search engines. Everyone wants a Top 10 Search Engine Ranking. Learn what that means and how you can help with that task. You will be glad you did! If you are looking for the best new search engine out there, Good Luck. If you are looking to be effective with Internet Marketing, stick with Google.

Need Help?

If this is just too confusing and you just want help getting started, let me know with my website contact form. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for checking out Webguymarketing.com! Good Luck with your website and your search engine marketing efforts.