The Martian Watch has been the talk for Rippln Members for several months. Get paid when your ripple buys the Martian Watch from Rippln. All the youtube videos created by the members call it the Rippln Martian Watch. I could not find anything about Rippln on the Martian Watches website, so I guess they are another 3rd party product provider that Rippln claims as their own until it comes out for real. This is kind of like Photo Guessaroo by Rippln, as it was called, until the PG developers missed another deadline. Now they call it a 3rd party app that is under someone’s else’s control. This is the reason they claim for it not being on Android yet. They are working on it… Yeah okay!
So, NOW its the Martian Watch – I thought this was being moved to the back-burner, but I guess they had preorders and some interest.They probably figure that they might as well get a few bucks while they can… I wonder how long it will be before they start pushing Russell Brunson training and Jonathan Budd videos to the Rippln Community.
Good News, you can purchase this watch without going through Rippln if you want. You are not required to pay $95/activation fee and $30/month to get this watch…. I know the FREE PLAYING Rippln Fans can also buy this watch from Rippln rewarding the people that brought you into the game! Guess what! You still have to pay shipping costs… oh yeah, this product is currently available in the US only and maybe a few other countries. Sorry Brazil! You have to wait to benefit from yet another product that Rippln has introduced.

Martian Watches with FREE Shipping.

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Better Choice?
I think this Martian watch would be a better selection for most people. Maybe Marvin can sell his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator through the Ripple.