Do you need help finding good Internet Marketing Classes online? I have read a lot and studied a lot of courses, read blogs and watched videos from the so-called experts. need-marketing-helpI know that trying to find good places on the web that do not waste your time or ask for a lot of money only to give you nothing or make you feel like you have been duped is aggravating. There are courses on everything from social media including facebook, twitter and youtube to website building courses and search marketing. Maybe you want to learn about google + or pinterest. There are special courses for those sites too!

I have taught classes, given presentations to rooms full of people in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and many other cities. When I first started selling websites and advertising in 1998, there were a lot of companies that did not even have an email address, much less a website. I couldn’t believe how many businesses were not online. Of course, now nearly every company you run across has a website. Most have heard of youtube, facebook and twitter. Even if your business is completely hands-on in-person service-oriented, you still should have a presence on the web to legitimize your products and services.
I started out in the home building industry before moving to small business and music entertainment. I worked with home building and real estate professionals all over the country with a focus on the Carolinas before I moved to Atlanta in 2004. I enjoyed working in the new home industry, but had a passion for living at the beach and working with the beach music industry. I moved to North Myrtle Beach in 2010 and been involved with several business start-ups. I still support some real estate clients, but love what I am doing now, Internet Marketing, affiliate marketing an expanding social radio networks.

Whether you are trying to learn for your own current business or trying to start your own online business that does this for others, you need a place to go for questions and knowledge. Of course I am on all of the social media websites, but I am also part of a social network where members provide help to each other as well as offer training classes and marketing courses that can be watched on your schedule. Most of the classes or training courses are free. I encourage you to take a look at this business training course. Please let me know if you have questions. I would be happy to help you get started!