Marketing Boost

What is a Marketing Boost? Unfortunately, very few new pages and websites are successful in getting an audience on their own merit. In traditional advertising, a well placed billboard on a busy road might get you some nice exposure and generate some new business. A magazine ad or newspaper advertisement may provide exposure, assuming your target audience reads that media. Traditional Media is often very expensive. You spend your moeny and hope it gets seen by people that will eventually purchase your product or service.
On the web, a well placed text-link or great banner image from an authoritative website will help get your marketing going in the right direction. Some social sharing, tweeting, some likes and emails to established lists can jump start your content or website. Your offers may not always be seen by everyone, but the costs to get this exposure is usually much less than traditional advertising. bothewebguyOne of the best things about these type of promotions is that when they are seen, they are usually seen by the people you want to see them.
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