Is there anyone out there that doesn’t want to make extra money from home? That phrase can mean many things. To a real estate agent, they might say that one can make more money from selling their home with the right agent. Most people would read that statement and wonder how they can make some extra money doing something at home or something outside of their main job.


Money is not made until something is sold

I believe this statement to be true and think I could argue with just about anyone that disagrees with this statement. Whether it is a product or service, someone is paying someone if money is being made or generated. Think back to your first job. Was it cutting grass? Was it a paper route? Was it a bagger at the grocery store? In all these jobs, someone had to sell something to the purchaser before the job was created which allowed you to get paid. For grass, you or your parents may have had to sell the neighbor on your abilities and negotiate the value of your service. The paper route is easy, the newspaper had to generate a subscription before they could pay you to deliver the paper. For the grocery bagger, the shopper had to come in and pay money for groceries, enabling the grocer to pay you to help bag them. Another sales job… you had to sell the grocer on your ability to do your job. If you are getting paid to write, then your writing is going on a page that generates impressions or sales for an advertiser that pays the person paying you to write.

What can you sell?

Can you make something unique that other people want and are willing to purchase? If you can, then the next step is figuring out the best way to market your product or service. You need to generate revenue with the lowest possible costs to produce the product while maintaining a desired level of quality. A business website is HIGHLY recommended.
Do people listen to you? Do people trust what you have to say? Maybe you can sell someone else’s products or services. Sales commissions or referral fees are probably the best way to make extra money from home. Have you heard tthe term Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is basically getting paid or rewarded for bringing a buyer to a seller and generating a sale. If you are looking for a place to learn more about affiliate marketing, read my recommended best affiliate program review.

Avoid the Scams and Schemes on the Internet

It is so easy to get caught up in false claims. I know I have fallen for my share of these scams and schemes in the past. So many people are looking for the easy way to get rich on the web. I can assure you that most “Get Rich Quick” plans are not what they claim. Someone may be making money, but most likely it will not be you. Everyone has heard the phrase “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”. I think if you look at most of the big time Ra-Ra Internet Marketing gurus, they have made money by lying, cheating and stealing. Maybe that is harsh, but I think if you were given access to all of the consumers that have paid for these products and systems, you will find a lot that feel they were mislead. Most will not claim they were scammed due to being embarrassed. The people that make the money will say that you just didn’t work hard enough or do what it takes to be successful. This may be the case, but you can bet they know a lot will pay money for a chance to strike it rich. They are the ones that are getting rich off other people’s hopes and dreams.

Make money legally and ethically

I realize that I have not always satisfied my clients 100%. Some people out there have probably felt that I did not fulfill my obligations. I think in most of these cases, we reached a point where both parties may have been at fault. Its usually a communication issue that causes these problems. Yes, most websites are free to use, but they are only free to build if you do it yourself or get someone to do it for you for free. I want to get paid for my efforts and can’t give it away. I have been guilty of taking on too much trying to make everyone happy, which ends up making some of them unhappy. I apologize to anyon reading this that feels that way. I have a lot of people that continue to trust me and know my talents.
I want to make a lot of money, but I want to do it legally and ethically. I don’t want to make a ton of money from people that feel they were cheated or scammed. You may choose to hire me to build a website or market your service or buy something from me or invest your time and energy in helping me with one of my projects. Its my hope that you get value from this effort and feel rewarded for making this choice to work with me.

What are you looking for?

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