With that article title, you may think I would be providing some ways to get more business without spending a lot of money. Low cost marketing ideas should not be confused with low cost advertising opportunities. Advertising, of course, is just one piece of marketing. The term marketing includes advertising, market research, planning, PR, customer support, product or service distribution, and sales strategy.


Time and Money – DIY

The best way to save money in marketing is to do it yourself. With the Internet, you can find answers to almost everything from marketing plans to media plans and placement. You can find websites that provide demographics. With time, you can find sites that match your target audience. You can use services to run press releases and help with public relations. You can answer the phone and talk to your customers. You can even be the company sales person. If you choose to do all of this yourself, your biggest cost is your time. Your time is worth what you yourself determine it is worth. You may decide doing it yourself at first is the best use of your time and therefore can save you some of your cost of doing business.

Internet Changes the Rules and Costs

There was a time when a company’s only choice was to hire an expensive marketing and advertising agency to accomplish their goals of reaching their targeted audience. With the Internet, companies have seen how websites and social media has helped reach buyers in new ways that are far less expensive than it was before the web. It is hard for most of us to think about a time when you couldn’t find what you are looking for with a few clicks.. where to eat, where to see a movie, where to shop for clothes, where to find a plumber, where to buy a computer, etc. I am sure you can think of many ways that the web has made things faster and easier…. and cheaper!

Marketing Ideas

These may seem basic, but here is a list of ideas that should be part of your marketing program.

  • Build a Website
  • Create Facebook Page (not just a profile)
  • Create Google Plus Page ( not just a profile)
  • Create Twitter Account for your business
  • Create YouTube Channel for your business
  • Build an Email List for Customers and Prospects

If you are doing these already….GREAT! Look to do them better! Use the Internet for research. Improve your marketing and reach more people at lower costs.
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