I love it when someone tries to sell me on the traffic and popularity of their website by telling me how many HITS they are getting. I immediately do one of three things..

  • Ignore them and dismiss their attempt at impressing me
  • Laugh at them and point out their flawed attempt at impressing me
  • Show them why they should change their marketing presentation and pitch that may impress me

I know it works with some people. There are a lot of people that have no idea what an Internet Marketing person is talking about when it comes to website traffic. When a person tells you they are getting a lot of HITS, it either means they are not trained on what they are selling or they are intentionally trying to mislead you with big numbers that are not really an indication of their website’s real traffic and exposure. It may still be a good deal for you to test the waters and give the website or company a shot at generating traffic and leads to you, but you need to know more than just hits before you make a decision. When an advertising media salesperson gives you a big HITS number.. ask these questions about stats before you consider advertising with them.

  • How many visitors is your website getting?
  • How Many of those visitors are Unique each month?
  • How many page views is your website getting?
  • Are you able to track transfers to your advertisers?

To see more on Stats and Website Tracking – visit this article
I have sold and built a lot of websites overs the last 15 years. I have sold advertising for big public companies operating MEGA website portals and smaller private companies operating small niche websites. If you are looking to generate more exposure and traffic for your website, you need to understand what is being offered. There are a lot of unethical people out there on the web. There are a lot of shady advertising packages being offered to companies that have no idea if it is a good offer or something that really does not help generate more business.
If you are in any kind of business, you need to have a presence on the web. If you are looking to increase your client base, the Internet is a good place to look due to efficiency. Its lot cheaper to build a website and advertise it on the web than it is to take out print advertising in the yellow pages or newspaper. My best advice is to learn to do it yourself. If you think it is just too hard to learn or you don’t have time to learn.. then find someone that you can trust.. someone that does business with people you know. Make sure they can be available when you run into problems or have questions.
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