Learning with Squidoo


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Are you New to Squidoo? Squidoo is a site where you can easily build pages about stuff you love and/or stuff you want to share. Affiliate Marketers are big contributors to squidoo, since its a free service that allows you to add affiliate links. You can market your own products or tell the squidoo community about your website or your passions. You can simply just write for the fun of it and share your words with the world!
The community is very large. A lot of the authors ( called lensmasters ) provide great content and topics. If you think about a topic, it has probably been covered on Squidoo.com. You may have a different spin, or disagree about topics or articles you find there at the site. Voice your opinion! Engage the community. The best way to get started ..is to jump in and start writing. There are all kinds of FREE help tutorials and articles that are available to you on the web. You may see a lot of amazon ads and links to products. This helps the writer get rewarded from their contributions. These affiliate links to amazon will generate commissions for thee Squidoo Lensmaster Author of the page. If you are looking to make money with squidoo, please check out my article “How Does Squidoo Work?”
Here are a couple of example pages I built.

What is Carolina Beach Music?What is Carolina Beach Music?
To borrow a phrase from Jim Quick from Jim Quick & Coastline – “Beach Music is a lifestyle” To many its the music that once you experience, yo…

Building a Business WebsiteBuilding a Business Website
Building a business website should not be an overwhelming part of your business plan. If you have a business, I think you need to be on the Internet. Unless …