Have you heard about Knocard yet? It is a Digital Business Card that is designed to replace the paper business cards you use now. These are relatively new. There are a lot of digital business card platforms out there in the marketplace.
Please read my review below before you get a KNOCARD. You can click the link to the right if you have more questions on my experience with Knocard.
Price:$10/month for the Classic Card
Review: 1 Stars out of 5 Stars
Owner: Appusend – Rob Pickering


Simply Put: KNOCARD is a Digital Business Card that serves as a mobile website and communication app.
Every Knocard has a contact manager that ties to a website dashboard and a communication app available now for android and iphone. The product is still new. It first launched in April 2015. The back-end dashboard shows the product is still in beta, but most of the functionality is in place. According to the developer’s website, it has been in development for over 4 years.
Everything web is going mobile. Websites have to be mobile friendly with the shift in Internet Activity moving off desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Looking good, being easy to use and still functional on smaller screens is the way to go for communication.

Pros and Cons:

Pros of KNOCARD:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • 5 minute Set-up
  • Promote Anything

Cons of KNOCARD:

  • Unproven Business Plan

Product Overview

Mobile Website and Digital Business Card

Knocard is a way to share your contact information without the need of a paper business card. Simply enter a contact’s phone number or email address and your website is shared to them so that they can access the information on their smartphone. You can easily be set-up and sharing in less than five minutes. The mobile website has several features including a photo gallery, a video gallery, an about me page, and interests page with custom link-out option, a contact page, and a page with links to your facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media profiles. Of course the option to text you, email you and call you are available at the touch of a button.

Affiliate Referral Program

When the product was launched, they offered a great way (in my opinion) to promote and share the product through an affiliate program that rewards every user for sharing the product. The parent company, Appusend, has abandoned that program and gone to 2 different divisions; a business division and an enterprise division. I am not currently participating with either of the new divisions and do not have plans to join their new programs or use their products.


I had a KNOCARD and was invited to become a Founding Brand Partner. I had a lot of plans on how to use this product and I saw a lot of potential in this product. The set-up is easy. People and businesses could use this as their main website. The photo gallery and video gallery along with the 2 other pages of text and links provide a way to easily tell your story. There are a lot of ways to get the word out about your company, business, product or service. The ultimate goal of any form of advertising should be to generate a call to action. KNOCARD provides many ways to get to that next step.
Why did I give it 1 Star? Originally gave it 4.5 starts, but with the changes, I can no longer support or recommend the product to anyone. The parent company has created 2 divisions that do not reward the original founding brand partners, actually encouraging members to leave the referring organization. They are invited to join as a direct affiliate to the founder of the business (cutting out all the people that helped him get started.) They have changed the business model at least 3 times since I started looking at it. Most of the functions still work on the classic card, but not all of them. I shared it with a few of my clients and was seeing ways to really use it for their business. I am disappointed with the direction taken by Appusend.

My Customer Bonus

I was offering a bonus to sign up for the Knocard with me, but since I am no longer promoting the product. I have discontinued this offer.

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