Are you asking yourself this question, “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?”
​To the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members that have been there a while, I don’t have to convince them that being part of the WA community is worth the time and effort you put in it… as long as you follow the training and path laid out by the founders of the community, Kyle and Carson.
There can be distractions and the urge to look for shortcuts. You might make a few bad decisions along the way as you look to build an online affiliate marketing business. I have said this before to a lot of members on the site…. I can’t afford to leave WA now that my revenue is more than than membership fee. It would not make any sense to walk away. I think everyone that is looking to make more than they are making now can benefit from the site, but I understand some may have issues with just turning on a computer. For those that are scared to interact on the World Wide Web, this is not a program for you.

First let me say I was not brand new to WordPress and Internet Marketing when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I have had successes with websites prior to becoming a member at WA. I have built websites for clients and also earned money from selling things on the web.

Quick Recap of my WA membership

I joined the site in November 2012 as a FREE starter member and played with the free siterubix site following the course 1 guide. I wasn’t sure I wanted to move forward until I got to the end of the training I have built a lot of wordpress sites and have spent a lot on hosting over the years. I looked at the $47/month as another hosting account and decided to go ahead and upgrade.. I almost took Kyle up on the special offer the day after Turkey Day 2012, but I didn’t and simply continued my monthly membership.
As a premium member, I went through course one again, but this time with a domain I purchased just for the training. I needed to build some exposure for a potential client and decided to build a niche site targeting this audience. I wanted to make sure I could build a site with the training before I went too fast recommending the site to others. I did build a nice little niche site that went to page 1 very fast, (The number 1 placement for a while). I sold a marketing package to the client and basically my WA membership was justified. This client is no longer paying me for reasons not because of what I did…or didn’t do. I have not touched the website more than a couple of times in the last 12 months, but it still generates traffic everyday and even earns a little from other forms of advertising. It is no longer on page one for the main keyword phrase, but still gets some exposure to high quality traffic.

Going Public with WA

I did not GO PUBLIC with my wealthy affiliate membership opportunity for several months, which is the main reason I did not earn anything from WA for several months. YES! I do make money when you join through my links here at webguymarketing.. That’s the concept of Affiliate Marketing. Don’t you wish you got paid every time someone went to the new restaurant in town because you said, “It is the best in town!”? With the Internet and proper tracking, you can get paid when you introduce products and services to people that buy them. My membership costs were covered by my course one website. Since I now had unlimited website hosting, I built a few more sites to test out some ideas. This same hosting account has been used for several of my clients as well. I am very happy with what I have at Wealthy Affiliate and encourage everyone that is looking to build an income producing website to take a look at WAU. It is an incredible community full of courses and tutorials that will help you learn about making money on the Internet.
Last year, Kyle announced a BootCamp training course and I decided to jump in there and take that course. It is a very good training and lessons learned there have helped me tremendously with my business. My webguy marketing site is now very public about my WA membership… My Wealthy Affiliate Review has introduced the program to a lot of members that are now making money with Affiliate Marketing.
If you would like to learn more about this Affiliate Marketing Program, then click on the green button below and get started today. Look for a message from me with a special offer. I look forward to seeing you inside Wealthy Affiliate University.
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