Have you heard of Alexa? What is your alexa score? Alexa is a third party website ranking service owned by Amazon. See what Wikipedia says about Alexa Internet. There are a lot of articles on the web about the good and bad of Alexa. Alexa attempts to rank every site on the web with a score based on how it stacks up in terms of traffic. They offer global and country ratings. Visit Alexa.com, enter your website URL and see what Alexa has to say about your site. About 3 weeks ago, this webguymarketing.com site did not have any ranking at all. As of this morning August 1st, it had a ranking of 1,262,434. According to Alexa. There are about 1.2 million websites with more or maybe “better” traffic. I don’t put all my analysis on Alexa, but I feel it does a good job of tracking websites, providing insight and information.
Updated 10-5-2012: webguymarketing.com ranked 777,475. I have seen ranking numbers over 26,000,000 – so under a million  is pretty good! Google is number 1 with facebook being #2. They have a little more money behind  them than I do at the current moment.

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