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I joined Squidoo about 6 years ago – I had no idea if there was any benefit, I created some pages to promote clients in the real estate industry. I was living in Atlanta and most of my Internet marketing services focused on the home building industry. I realized that real estate wasn’t really a niche that worked on Squidoo, at least for me back in 2007..or was it?

Thinking back to pages I built that may have been driving traffic to other sites that I was helping reach their target, I guess it was working..just not directly as earnings from Squidoo. I was building pages to promote new homes, condos and even real estate companies. All of these sites were getting links from Squidoo.
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squid-tipsSo I started building some beach music pages to help market my clients in the beach music industry. This was successful at first, but I kind of left it alone until last year, when it served some of my needs for promotion and testing. I saw a few things and noticed some trends. With a little bit of time spent writing and researching, I had my pages built at Squidoo up in rank and getting some exposure for that industry.
I have been most successful in helping others with great ideas get their lenses created and set-up to reach their target audience. Squidoo lets anyone build a page about their passion and have a chance to earn some money along the way. For people in states that do not work with Amazon, you can join Squidoo and promote Amazon products to earn a commission.
I encourage you to join and jump right in… Build a page (called a lens at Squidoo) and share it with friends. If you want to get some help then visit these following articles for training and tips on Squidoo.
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Article Writing Templates
If none of this makes sense and you want some help directly, then request a Marketing Boost and let me help you promote your products, services or overall business.
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