This is probably one of the most popular topics in the Internet World. Maybe, you too, are trying to figure out how people get paid blogging. I assume that you have heard of a blog and know what blogging means. There are a lot of different types of blogs. Some people blog about their life, some write reviews to help sell stuff online, some companies use these types of websites to tell about their company’s specials and product offerings.

Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Some do get paid.. most probably do not and often give up before they ever start making money. You can’t just start writing on a website and expect to get paid (Unless you have been contracted to do it). Simple page views and website traffic does not earn money without some way to generate income. Someone has to sell something before any money is made by the blogger. People that have monetized their blog with ways to generate income are most definitely getting paid.


Get Paid to WRITE BLOG Posts

There are some gigs out there where you can get paid to write and post articles. You are essentially providing content to other people who hope to cash in from the traffic created by your article. This is a way that a lot of writers make their money online. I have friends that are very good writers that would never work this way. They only post articles to their own personal or client websites. Most of these people are affiliate marketing professionals. I have friends and colleagues that generate strong commissions from the sale of other company’s products and services. Follow this link if you would like to read more about my thoughts on Affiliate Marketing.

Article Sites that Pay

Have you heard of sites that pay you revenue to help them earn money? They do exist. You have probably heard of Squidoo, Hubpages and Bubblews. At one time, I had quite a number of Squidoo Lenses and worked with several clients that did pretty well over there. Rule changes with Google and Amazon have dried up that site’s earning potential quite a bit. Your earnings take a while to work though their system and most of the bonuses for top lenses are delayed for a couple of months. My biggest problem is that you don’t know what you will make until it gets paid.
I recently posted some thoughts about Bubblews. My Bubblews Review provides my observations as a member of the site for over a year. Basically you write, connect, share and interact with other members and get paid to do it. It is a social network that shares revenue with the people that help generate the revenue. The amount you are making and earning is immediate, but you do have to get to $50 before they payout. This can take a very long time or can be pretty quick. It depends on you. The actual payment can take from a few days to a couple of weeks before it actually hits your Paypal account for withdrawal. It will happen provided you don’t break their rules. Please note: the site has been going through some growing pains. If you had a site that receives the amount of interaction as Bubblews, you would appreciate the what they are doing and going through. They claim that in July, some new enhancements will be introduced that change the site’s performance and make it even better. I can’t imagine what their infrastructure costs may be..I bet it is pretty high.

Successful Paid Blogger

I can help you become a paid blogger. Click on this link and set-up your free starter account. You will have access to a certification course that shows the steps to beginning a successful affiliate marketing business. Good Luck and let me know when you are ready for my help.
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