Free Website Offer

There are so many free website builders out there on the Internet. If you are reading this, I bet you have looked at a ton of those offers. How do you choose which one you want to use? It is tempting to jump into one of those and start building the website. There are some things you need to look out for when you create an account at one of these sites. Look at the pricing up front and see what the site has for up charges and upgrade costs. You may be able to build a free website with some of these services, but then run into a stopping point along the road that requires you to pay money to go to the next step. Make sure you can maintain a free website should you choose not to upgrade.


WordPress Website Builder

I use WordPress and I think you should also use WordPress. It may seem a little difficult at first, but with a little training you can be building great websites that are user friendly and structured in a way that will make search engines like Google and Yahoo love your site.

With this free wordpress website link, you can set-up a free website that does not require you to upgrade. It is truly a FREE Website. Of course, you do have the option to upgrade and add your own domain. You will have access to lots of training from a huge community of wordpress developers and business owners.

I have training available that will show you how to maintain your site if its the first WordPress site you have ever updated. You can access lots of tutorials and come back to ask me questions at any time.

Please Note: The Free website is a subdomain built on the siterubix domain – You will have the option to upgrade, but it is not required. Keep your free website as long as you want! These siterubix domain websites are great for starting a business with no costs up front.

If you have more questions before you set-up your free account and free website, then please use my contact form. I will get back to you as soon as I can.