You can get BITCOIN for FREE!

I am assuming you know a little something about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. If not, watch this video first
Step 1: Create an Account at (It is FREE)
Step 2: Sign in to your Qyckwallet at and transfer BITQY to your account at If you don’t have a qyckwallet, then locate and click the Join Now! button on this page (IT IS FREE! choose the option to get your BitQy Wallet.) If you don’t have any BITQY in your qyckwallet account, ask me how to get it for free.
Step 3: Login to and convert your bitqy to bitcoin by selling it on the tradebq exchange.
Step 4: Send bitcoin from to an account that will hold your bitcoin in a wallet.
I suggest CoinPayments. If you want to convert the bitcoin to cash quickly, I suggest coinbase. Coinbase will let you convert the bitcoin to dollars and then allow you to deposit to your bank account or send to a paypal account. Personally, I would keep it as bitcoin or convert to one of the other popular coins at CoinPayments. I know based on reading and researching that it will be easier in the future to do business using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and bitqy.

Too Much Work?

I understand if this seems complicated. I believe it will get easier to use these digital currencies and coins when banks start receiving bitcoin. Banks are currently working on their own coins. It is going to happen. Of course, the banks will probably charge some nice high fees to their account holders to deal in cryptocurrency. In 2010, $100 invested in bitcoin would be worth over $48 Million today (based on $4075 price on 8/22/2017). It was not easy to get back in July of 2010, but I sure wish I could go back to 2010 and figure it out.

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