I am a WordPress user and website hosting provider. I have built a lot of websites using the free software package created by Matt Mullenweg. This morning Fox News was talking about the tremendous costs that the government has spent on the new health care website. One of the guys mentioned WordPress and said a huge number of successful businesses have been built on this free software platform called WordPress. It is amazing that we still don’t have a fully working website for the health care programs with all the money they have spent to date. Why didn’t they just hire the folks at Amazon or Ebay to build this site? or the guys at Automattic? I bet they could have done it in less time.

Anyway… back to WP sites. You can build an online business using WordPress. I have a lot of friends and clients generating money online with their WordPress website. As I said previously, the software is FREE. You will, however, need to find a hosting service to host your website or find a free hosting service. Free services like wordpress.com are great. If you simply do not have any money to get a paid hosting service, I would recommend going to a site like SiteRubix, where you can get a full working version of the wordpress software and have the option to upgrade it later to a full customized domain.
SiteRubix features a WordPress website builder that can get you up and running in just a few minutes. Once you set your site up there, you can have access to free tools and tutorials making it easy to get up and running.

WordPress Business Success

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Why go with Wealthy Affiliate?

They have the tools, they offer the support and they truly want you too succeed with an online business. I have been a premium member over there for a year now. I was paying the monthly subscription of $47/month and was perfectly fine doing that. I would have continue to pay the monthly fee if that was all that was offered, but since Black Friday saves me over $265 over the next 12 months. I jumped on the offer. I know $299 can be a lot in one whack. If you think it is too much, create a starter account for FREE with this WA starter account link. Take a look at the business community and all that is offered over the next few days and decide if it makes sense to you to upgrade. If you do upgrade, you get a FREE Bonus Business Guide from Kyle one of the owners and creators of the business community we call WA.
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