I have thought about this blog post for some time. What can I say in my Empower Network review that has not already been said by many successful Internet Marketers already? No, I have not joined EN and given them my money for a blog website on a domain that I don’t own or fully control. I don’t want a blog website that looks like everyone else’s EN site in the program. I don’t want to give them money for a payment system that only exists because they can’t get approved by Paypal. I don’t want to give them money for a useless bunch of videos telling me how to convince others to give them money so I can get paid from hustling others. I don’t want to be pressured to go all-in for thousands of dollars in hopes of finding a bunch of others to con into doing the same thing. NO! Empower Network I am not joining your system.
empower-network-reviewHow many have you run across these sites that look the same, say the same thing and pitch something that only makes you money when someone else buys it? Their product is not a real product. Its a system of how to scam other people into joining under you so you can make money and the people above you make money. There are a lot of scams out there. YES, I am using a product that I think is better than Empower Network. I really don’t think these services are remotely close. They both claim to teach you methods to make money online. My solution has a free option and a premium upgrade option that pays me if you join as a premium member. You may ask how my solution is different. Read this review first and then take a test drive building up to 2 WordpPress websites at no cost to you.
I have read enough from the people that have lost money with EN. I have read reviews and information from people I trust in the Affiliate Marketing Industry and Training. If you are considering EN, please continue to do some more research before you sign up and give them your money. You may find people to jump on this. Don’t pitch your friends and family…you will regret it later. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and test it out. You will not find any affiliate marketing links to EN on m website here so you need to find someone else that is in the system to “Show you the Way!”
I am sticking with my Online Community where the people who created the site are available to help every day!
Click to see my WA profile and Join Me – FREE Starter Membership with 7 days of FREE Live support. You don’t lose anything if you choose not to upgrade. If are serious about wanting to earn an income online, I think you will see the value of this online university training.