When you come up with your company’s brand, it needs to emotionally connect with your customers and potential customers. ModernMind explains the brand should also be a visual representation of your company’s purpose and business plan.

To demonstrate the importance and process of building your brand, imagine a dentist who is building a client base. The dental field includes a lot of competition and everyone offers the same basic services. Nonetheless, it’s possible to stand out from the crowd through effective marketing and brand messaging.

Choose Simplicity

Jim Price for “Business Insider” recommends that you stick to one brand and ignore your sub-brands in your marketing message. Keep your brand simple so your target audience can easily identify it, understand it and remember it.
Using the dentist example, keep your brand focused on overall dentistry or your main specialization instead of creating sub-brands based on various types of dentistry services you offer. You want people to come to you for all their dentistry needs and to understand the main overarching service (or product type in other cases).

Brand Naming

It’s important to put a lot of thought into your name and taglines. For your name, Price suggests a simple, straightforward name that is easy to remember. Think about the spelling and pronunciation as well. You want to make it easy for people to remember the name, tell their friends and family, and search for you. Also, see if the website domain is available.
Choose a name that describes your products or services, or a creative one. You can see the difference in names like The Home Depot and Urban Outfitters as compared to Nike or Amazon. Think about which would work better for your brand. A dentist might benefit from including the service in the name.

Logo Creation

Your logo and tagline should fit your industry and evoke feelings. Think about the design, the colors and the tagline. Think about the emotions and merits you want people to associate with your business, which can differ by the field.
If you are a lawyer, you might want people to think of power, knowledge, achievement and wealth. Dental visits scare many people, so a dentist’s logo should comfort potential patients and show them the positives of dental care.
Logo Garden dentist logos offers some ideas. For example, some of the logos and taglines include smiles. This conjures an image of the healthy, beautiful smile customers want to achieve for themselves. It also makes them think of happiness and satisfaction, so they will associate those feelings with the business.
Another option is to use clean lines and images that evoke professionalism and experience. This might be the right move for a more specialized dental practice or one looking for higher-end clientele.


Once your brand is formed, market it consistently. Give your marketing a consistent look, feel and message. People should be able to associate your offline marketing with your online marketing efforts like your website, your landing pages and your social media.
Jim Joseph for “Entrepreneur” explains that you need both totality and tonality with your brand. Make sure your brand represents what you do and that all your efforts are consistent, which is totality. This needs to go hand in hand with tonality, which is to make sure that the actual experience your customers have reflects the brand messaging that brought them in the door.