Update: Bubblews has shut down so therefore this review is no longer
This is for anyone that has been following the news and updates I have been posting about Bubblews. I give you some new Bubblews news based on my experiences yesterday.
Bubblews Rule Changes
They have changed the rules a bit. While they claim to still pay per view/like and comment, they are no longer paying 1 penny per view/like and comment. There is a new formula which is not currently available to the members. They are no longer telling you how many views you have on a post. They are no longer paying you in 30 days (it is now 60 days) and they have limited you to redeem only once per 30 days.
September 2014 Status
I was clicking along at $50 each month for the last 3 to 4 months.. mainly to prove to myself that it could be done with very little time. Fifteen to twenty minutes a day was all it was taking me to generate $2 per day. Twenty-five 15 minutes sessions generated $50 each month. $50 of course can pay for other things like a membership to the best affiliate marketing education site that I have found on the web. I last hit the redeem button on September 25th.. I am waiting on that $50 payment, which should come either at the end of October or end of November. I have been paid every other time I reached the threshold. The $50 payment from August 31 redemption was received last week.

News Update Yesterday

Yesterday, I logged in for the first time in over two weeks and dropped a few posts on the site like I have done in the past. I noticed the view count was gone. I noticed the earnings were not increasing as fast as they normally do. I looked for updates and found a post from the CEO stating changes that explained my observations above. I think the biggest changes are a result of the traffic from countries that do not generate VALUABLE eyeballs. They have stated that they have changed the amount you earn per view/like and comment based on where the views are being generated. This is probably a good move for them. They couldn’t continue to move forward and I understand their policy.
Moving Forward
I will probably sit and watch for a while. I do not plan to continue posting on the site as much until I see how the changes affect the earnings. If you are not already a member with a significant following, I would recommend NOT starting right now. I am not sure if the site will make it or not. I am content with the amount of time I spent and money earned prior to yesterday, but I don’t think I can continue making $2 per day without adding significantly more time.. I am unwilling to spend a lot of time there based on the new rules.
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