You may be a SME and not know it. SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. Basically, if you are a small business or merchant, you are probably considered a SME. By now, I hope if you are in business, you have built a website. It could be that your website is in need of an update. Your website may be live but not working. Internet Marketing is probably the most effective form of marketing for a business. Internet Marketing can be overwhelming. There are so many different ways to use the Internet to market and advertise a business. A lot of small enterprises and entrepreneurs don’t get the web thing at all and tend to continue to spend money in places that are not as effective as the web. People like me are here to help. I started working directly for small business to help them get their website and Internet marketing programs working for them.

Do you pay Commmissions for sales or referrals?

You can advertise in the newspaper, radio, magazines, tv or even on the Internet.. and you will most likely be sitting there hoping and praying that your message was effective, and that it brings you customers. Some companies choose to reward people for bringing them customers. They pay commissions. Think of real estate companies. Real Estate Brokers get paid to sell a house to someone else. Car Salesmen get paid to sell a car to buyers. Software salespeople get paid a commission to sell that product. These types of companies are probably also involved in traditional media. The company’s cost of getting the product to the market involves paying someone to sell it. This is a COMMISSION!
Referral Marketing is closely related to the method of paying a commission to someone else for bringing you a buyer. You may have to pay for referral contacts. Each business will most likely have to decide on how they handle referrals and payments. Do you pay for the contact itself or only if they purchase your product?

Affiliate Marketing

You may consider affiliate marketing to get your product out there. You can get web people, like myself, to market and push your products and services and only pay when a sale is made. While your costs may be higher at first, you will see a drop in the “hit or miss” advertising methods of traditional media. Your main concern here is finding enough people that will reach your target audience. If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, then use my contact form to request a consultation.

Do you reward your customers?

Getting new customers is great, but keeping happy customers is the best for most businesses. A happy customer will come back and spend more money with you, plus they will tell others about your business. Word Of Mouth advertising is FREE to most businesses and probably the best form of advertising. SME’s typically don’t have the money to set-up big loyalty reward tracking programs like those offered by grocery stores and the big restaurant chains. I get rewards from a lot of different stores and I choose to go there because they offer me an incentive to shop and purchase their products or services. The Loyalty Rewards Programs industry will continue to grow and so many will be popping up in the coming months and years.

Loyalty Rewards Program

If you have a small business, I can help you get set-up with a program that will change your business and the way you get and keep customers. You can make more money from your existing customers and reach new customers at a significantly reduction in costs.
Please contact me if you would like to learn more about setting up a loyalty rewards system that will have customers looking for you. They will be looking for ways to spend more money with you at the same time bring their friends and family to your business to spend their money.
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