How many people came to your website yesterday? What region of the world are they located? How long are they staying on your website? How are they getting to your website? Are they seeing the content that you want them to see? Are they taking the next step to become your customer.Is it easy for them to contact you? Did they even look at your contact page? Do you know what they are doing on your website? Do you want to know this information?
Google Analytics is one of the many tools I use for website tracking. IT’s FREE to use and set-up. It may take a wile before you learn how to use it.
From my Google Analytics, I can see visitors from over 30 US states and 290 cities tuned in on July 17th, 2012 to listen to one of the radio station websites I help maintain, Zeus Radio. This information is extremely helpful to them when they go to sell advertising to potential advertisers.

Are you able to get this kind of information from your web person? If Not, It may be time to contact the Webguy!
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