Have you heard the term Affiliate Marketing?
Want to know what it is and how you can benefit? Then keep reading…

Can you make money from the Internet?
Is it possible to earn money from websites?
Can you make money writing?
Is it possible to earn an income from facebook or twitter or other social media websites?

The answer is YES to all those questions.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last fifteen years, you know there is a lot happening on the Internet. People have websites with articles and posts about everything. YouTube videos pop up about stuff you like, stuff you don’t like and stuff you don’t give a rip about! More and more keeps being added to the clutter. Finding the NEXT big article or video that goes viral is a goal of everyone that knows how to write, post and share web content.

Things really changed on the web when Google started allowing website owners to post their customer’s ads on their website and share in the revenue. There have been scams and unethical practices launched everyday to go after this money. Google has a lot of systems in place to prevent this type of fraud. Sometimes it seems that Google is too harsh, but you have to respect the policies. I know if I am using adwords to generate quality traffic, I don’t want to see someone abusing the system to get my money for the purpose of profits. I don’t mind paying for the clicks if the traffic is good and will potentially become a client of mine… that being said, getting approved as an adsense advertiser and providing good content is a way to generate money. It takes a LOT of REAL Traffic to see a significant income, so don’t think this will make you rich!

Google AdSense Program

Adsense is a way to make money, but Affiliate Marketing is different. Typically Affiliate marketing is a way to get paid for generating sales or real customers. Let’s say I have a web page talking about my favorite NFL Football Team and then provide a link to a Football Jersey that you can go purchase on the Internet. If I got approved prior to you purchasing this jersey and had the right link set-up, I would get paid for helping generate that sale. Commission! Money! Earnings from something I did on the web to help connect an online eCommerce site and a buyer. Pretty Cool! get enough of these affiliate approvals and create the right content and you could be on your way to earning money from the Internet.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing… I suggest you look for a site that provides training videos, tutorials, live chat support and classroom dicussions. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if its something that might help you.

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