About Webguy Marketing

Webguy Marketing is an Internet marketing website resource service of Bo the Webguy – Bo Gilbert and Grand Strand Marketing Group. That’s ME in the picture below. If your business needs help, I can help you!

Beach Music

I love Carolina Beach Music and the people involved in the industry. I have a great time at the events; both the ones that I help market and plan as well as the ones that I simply attend as a fan..or friend of the band! As a beach music promoter, I work with some of the best bands and people out there. Shout out to Keith Houston with KHP Music, Southern Soul and the Band of Oz and of course Jim Quick..of Jim Quick & Coastline. From websites, crazy ideas and sometimes successful..sometimes unsuccessful events to even radio shows on the Internet, we have had a good time doing it.. and I always look forward to the next BIG Event.

Raleigh to Atlanta to NMB

The Raleigh area of North Carolina was my home from the time I started college at North Carolina State University (Go Wolfpack) til about 2004, when I moved to Atlanta. It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed the time I spent there and the knowledge I gained while serving my clients and working alongside some of the best! I knew I would miss the Atlanta area and the friends I have made, but an opportunity came to move to the beach..I took it and have no regrets.

North Myrtle Beach Websites

Here I am in North Myrtle Beach, still serving small businesses with the web and marketing. North Myrtle Beach is the home of Fat Harold’s Beach Club and Home of the Shag. It’s the mecca for Beach Music fans. I have a lot of website projects going and look for more ways to expand my knowledge and skill set all the time. Of course, I look for ways to increase my income as well. Let’s work together. We can build it, market it and sell it!

Web Experience

I have been involved in Internet Marketing for over 20 years. I got started selling advertising and websites to the home building industry in the late 90’s. Picking up knowledge through articles, tutorials, manuals, and looking at source code and reading discussion boards, I have put together a pretty good portfolio. I have the ability to do quite a bit on the Internet.

Why Bo the Webguy?

Where did the nickname – Bo the Webguy originate? I am not completely sure if it started from my real estate clients back in Raleigh or my beach music friends. The Beach Music industry definitely made it stick and on all those websites and events, I am Bo the Webguy! How can I help you?

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