The actual process of creating your first (or even second or third) niche website can be the most difficult part about getting started online. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen throw in the towel simply because they beams deflated and lost motivation during this stage.
After you spend a couple of hours trying to figure out how to adjust your sidebar settings, change your font size, or add a blogroll, it’s understandable that you might suddenly realize the magnitude of the task ahead of you and decide that it’s just not worthwhile.
As a result, those who have a budget can choose to outsource the whole process and have their niche site built for them. You can have someone do and the nasty technical work, leaving you to focus on adding content and growing your new site.
Doing this has some definite advantages, but also some drawbacks as well, which I’m going to cover now.

The Advantages Of Buying A Ready-Made Site

1.) You Can Skip The “Hobby” Stage.
A lot of new websites simply look like hobby sites. No matter how serious the subject is, or how well the author writes, the vast majority of first-time websites out there just look plain amateur.
It’s not necessarily the end of the world to have a site that looks like you write it in your spare time, but first impressions count, and if you want people to trust you with their money or purchase decisions, you need to look the part.
Why do you think business people wear suits?
2.) You Can Avoid Frustrations.
You’ll have to put a lot of work into growing a new website. In most cases, it will be a few weeks or months before you even start to see results of that work. You want to avoid as much frustration as possible during this stage to keep you fully motivated.
As I touched upon earlier, a lot of the appeal in buying a pre-made site is that you can just buy it, and get on with writing content for it.
3.) You Can’t Master Everything.
There is so much to learn about succeeding online that it’s not really possible to master everything.
If you want to focus on learning web design, then focus on that. However, if you’d prefer to focus on writing, making videos, or some other aspect, then outsourcing the web design part gives you the freedom (and time) you’ll need.

4.) Ongoing Support.

If you choose correctly, you can find a web builder who will provide you ongoing support with your site. I’ve seen plenty of web builders that don’t offer this though, they’ll create the site and you’ll never see them again after the transfer.
Make sure you choose the right niche site builder.
5.) Expertise.
This is an additional bonus, but chances are, the person or company you’re buying a site from are a lot more experienced than you in many fields, and you’ll learn a lot more than you could hope to learn by going it alone.
Again, this relies on you doing your research first and making sure you are buying from somebody who is an authority.

And Now For A Couple Of Cons

In my opinion, the advantages to outsourcing your site far outweigh the disadvantages, but there are still a couple of things to be mindful of.
1.) It Costs Money.
This part is obvious, but if you don’t have the budget, shouldn’t really consider outsourcing a site.
To further expand on this, there’s no guarantee that once you’ve bought a site it’s going to succeed for you. It will still take time and work, so make sure youc an afford to wait a few months to get the return on your investment.
Additionally, make sure you’re not buying junk. This leads me onto part two.
2.) There’s A Lot Of Junk.
People know that ready-made sites appeal to beginners who don’t know what to look for, and as such there is a lot of junk out there. Some sites are sold under the pretense of being automatic cash machines (then why are they so cheap?!) or are “guaranteed” to work. Steer clear of these.
There’s no guarantee of success, only quality or satisfaction.
Where To look For Something Good.
One place that DOES offer a guarantee is this company, HumanProofDesigns. Their mission is to blow away the scammers and the junk, and just let you find niche websites that fit your need, while providing you quality. Give them a visit to learn more.