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Are you confused about website marketing? What do you need? Do you need a new design? Do you need help with Internet Marketing? Are you looking for a good domain? Are you looking for help setting up your WordPress website? Have you got questions about hosting? Do you have problems understanding Internet Marketing? Are you having trouble getting started with social media? Do you have a business that resides outside of the web? Trying to do all of this by yourself can be overwhelming. Let me help you!

South Carolina Websites

Are you a business in South Carolina looking for help with exposure on the Internet? I am currently based in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I grew up in Northeastern North Carolina. North Carolina State University took me to Raleigh. GO WOLFPACK! I have also lived in the Greenville area, Atlanta and now NMB. As an Internet marketing consultant, I have helped small businesses all over NC, SC and GA. I have worked with people all over the world.
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I get asked about the girl in the video all the time… That’s my niece in the video. I don’t have a daughter. She does know what she is talking about. I can help you!

Whether you are looking to get started with a new website and Internet marketing or you just need some advice on what to do next, I can help. There is a lot of information here at WebguyMarketing.com. Read my reviews, advice and tips. Sign up to get tips delivered via email. I have added articles and provided links to lots of great resources. Don’t be scared to watch a training video or click on a link to an outside article. Nothing will happen to your computer by clicking on a link to store sites or training videos I recommend.

Web and Internet Experience

The articles and tips here are based on my Internet marketing experiences during the last 20+ years . I started in the home building industry selling ads and websites to home builders, developers and real estate companies. I took some of what I learned and started working with one of my passions – Carolina Beach Music. You will see my webguy brand on a lot of beach music websites. I am happy to be working with the top bands and events in Beach Music – Please Check out My Beach Music Online website.

Webguy is a Couch Promoter

One of my favorite things to say on chat boards and forums when people ask what I do is, “I sit on my couch and promote client websites.” A lot of people that are trying to tell you how to make more money say get off the couch and do something. Well, in the case of web promotions, sometimes that is the best place to be. You do have distractions, but being in an office somewhere might also be distracting.

The Web Guy Can Help you!

If you have questions after reading something I have written or recommended, please come back and leave me a message through my website contact form.

Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK with your website and/or web business!

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